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Look Up Licenses

The HBA of Michigan encourages professionalism in the building industry and takes pride that members are licensed with the State of Michigan. Is your building or remodeling contractor licensed?  

New Ruling Is Clearing The Way

“This is about continuing to instill the sense of pride in our veterans, their families and that sense of pride in the community,” said Congressman Jack Bergman.

A new ruling is clearing the way for veterans who want to buy homes in Michigan.

HBA of Michigan in the Community

The Benefits of Joining The HBA of Michigan



Membership offers the unique opportunity to learn and share information within a community of like-minded professionals, tradespeople, and suppliers.  One of the objectives of the association is to keep all who are involved in the building industry informed of changes that may affect this industry and housing affordability. 

  • Providing industry resources, information, and education to our membership and consumers interested in home ownership, building, remodeling, maintenance, and repair.

  • Further, the ethical and professional standards of our members to provide a reliable resource for the community.

  • Maintain a positive image for the industry and association within the community.

  • Promote homeownership and housing affordability.


You Also Receive: 

  • Manufacturer Rebates

  • Discounted Work Gear

  • SuperFleet Fuel Discount 

  • Meijer Discount Card 

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance 

  • Property & Casualty Insurance  

  • Individual Health Plans 

  • College Tuition Discount

  • Health Care Trust 

  • Individual Health Insurance 

  • Discount Prescription Card 

  • Copyright Infringement Liability Insurance 

Visit our Members Benefits page to see more about how these benefits work.