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They can only do it if we let them

Earlier this year, your 2023 HBAM President, Richard Kligman, sent you the following letter urging you to support our legal action fund which helps us fight government inaction and overreach. Continue reading to hear about the advocacy work your state association is doing. 


Dear Valued HBA Member, 


Our HBA membership helps us learn, network and be better businesspeople. It also gives us a platform to collectively join together and fight unjust treatment—whether it be regulatory overreach or other types of issues that tax our industry and ultimately our customers. Your membership dues, alone, are not sufficient to provide the resources necessary to fight all these battles.  We initiate and sustain dozens of legal fights each year across our state. This year we have more than our normal share. As such, I hope you will join me and hundreds of your fellow HBA members by making a contribution to our HBAM Legal Action Fund.  Click here to contribute today.

Why is your contribution needed?  Just in the past three months alone we have incurred legal expenses related to the following cases:                                  

In addition to the above, our legal team has helped a couple of members recently fight local government attempts to require sprinklers in structures where state law/codes didn’t require them. We’ve also supported a member’s fight in a township that wanted to extract an easement before approving a building permit.  Bottom line: your state association is here to advocate not just for the industry but for each and every one of us when we need assistance. 


Thank you for considering a donation and don’t ever hesitate to contact either one of us should you have a question or need assistance yourself. Click here to donate today.



Rich Kligman                

2023 HBAM President