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Home Builders Association of Michigan

Helpful tips

Choosing the best builder or remodeler for your home can be an overwhelming task. Use these tips to find the best option for you and to avoid hiring an unlicensed scammer.

Builder Red Flags:

X They want you to pull the permit

X They refuse to show you their license

X They insist you pay in cash

X They offer a "special" low price

X They refuse to sign a contract 

HBA Members are professionals who know how to correctly follow the Michigan Residential Code (MRC) and will ensure the safety and structural integrity of your home. However, there are safety measures you need to take after your home is built.

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Think HBA First

The best way to ensure you’re hiring a qualified professional is to hire an HBA member. All builders and remodelers in our member network are licensed to build in Michigan and will ensure every step of the project is up to code.




Member Lookup:

Finding a builder near you is easy! Click here to find the local association in your county and look through the directory of licensed builders.


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Verify Licenses:

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) can help you verify licenses. If you are unsure if your builder is licensed, you can look up their license status here.



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Watch Out for Scammers:

There are certain red flags to look out for when hiring a non HBA member. If a builder refuses to sign a contract, asks you to pay in cash or asks you to pull the building permit, they are likely unlicensed. These builders hook you with a compelling price that can only be achieved by cutting corners and avoiding safety standards that are required for building projects.

Handling Disputes:

The HBA of Michigan urges you to deal with a professional contractor so you will be satisfied at the end of your building or remodeling project. However, the State of Michigan offers many suggestions for mediation, settlement and filing a complaint if you do find yourself unable to avoid a problem situation or a dispute.

Report a Dispute