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Home Builders Association of Michigan

The Housing Michigan Coalition has been working for the last four years on legislation, creating opportunities for builders, developers and non-profits to build workforce housing.  Last December the governor signed four bills, and recently she signed five bills expanding Tax Increment Financing.  Senate Bill 129, sponsored by Senator Singh, expands TIF so residential construction can be included.  SB 130, 131, and 132 are trailer bills that were needed so SB 129 could be enacted. 

The governor also signed SB 289, sponsored by Senator Jeremy Moss, which increased the cap from $40M to $80M for the Transformational Brownfield program.  These bills received immediate effect, which means they are available for use now.

The Housing Michigan Coalition is currently working with a bi-partisan group of state representatives to look at zoning reform ideas that we can have introduced and moved in the fall when session resumes.